In which Jaime required coffee in order to sit through the wedding vows. [x]

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Beyoncé & Jay Z were shooting a NEW music video over by Lacontenta yesterday (most likely On The Run).

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I’m from Germany and had to check this. It is a tv program website (it is also available as a magazine). But TF1 is a French TV station :( I would like to see Baby Bootcamp! Thanks for searching if Baby Bootcamp is airing in Germany :)

Bah it kept translating as German lol

I wasn’t directly searching for German listings, but I google the movie regularly to check if listings in any country has been announced :)

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Another photo of Beyoncé & Jay Z shooting a NEW music video (most likely On The Run) in the Hi-Desert yesterday.

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I suggest all females watch this. 

*i suggest all humans watch this.


I’m a 17 year old white guy living in middle class America. I’ve never exactly been a supporter of feminism because that kind of thing has never really affected me personally. I don’t notice it and I don’t care about it. But in nine minutes this video has made what is truly a serious problem extremely apparent. Those “why I need feminism” posts or those slut-shaming or rape culture campaigns never convince me of anything. But this video actually did I think.

tl;dr This video kicks ass, just watch it.


(Although, I must admit I’d love to see an updated-for-2013 version of this video; it looks like this particular video is two or three years old. How have stats changed in a few years? Has the change been gratifying or ominous?)

I really want to see this full film now. These are issues to are relevant and important and that need to somehow be addressed better within our media and our society. 

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AU: Charlie Bradbury is one of Hollywood’s most bankable movie stars of the moment. When she gets one of the leading roles in the new summer blockbuster movie, she meets the beautiful indie actress Jo Harvelle who is tragically and unfortunately straight. And apparently dating Charlie’s best friend Dean Winchester? Jesus, the world is so unfair.

(What Charlie doesn’t know is that Dean pretends to be Jo’s boyfriend so nobody knows she’s bi. And crushing really hard on her new costar.)

Over their months filming on set together the two grow closer as friends and eventually, one drunken night, their relationship evolves into something more. And that one night stand leads to feelings (ick) and something that looks suspiciously like love and one hell of a press tour.

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When random people tell me Danneel is gorgeous

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50 Pictures of Danneel’s Beautiful Smile


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1+1 (Live in the dressing room before the American Idol live performance) BY Beyonce
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